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Our north coast has increasingly been chosen to host events. The proximity to the city of Sao Paulo, the ease of access to airports and the beautiful beaches are some of the main attractions. The hotel offers a conference room that can host up to 180 people as an auditorium, three support rooms and an office. We also offer the last generation audio and video equipment and wireless internet.

Largest convention hall in the region

Soon a new convention room will be ready to host up to 400 people as an auditorium. It will have 350 sqm and will be equipped with the latest audio and video technology for events and support rooms with 36 sqm. It will replace the hotel’s soccer field, next to the tennis court. It will be open on the end of 2011.


The prime location and hosting structure for over 200 people make the Beach Hotel Maresias be sought for holding weddings. The ceremony can be done by the sea, in the evening and the program may include activities for two days. Everything is up to the bride and groom, with the full support of the hotel's events team.

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